Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors


Dear Colleagues,

Since the day we were founded, we have aimed to become a world brand in the sectors we operate by preserving the values we have. In order to achieve this goal, we, as the entire BEŞLER family, must constantly keep the necessary technological equipment, logistics infrastructure, sufficient capital and human resources up to date. Due to our quarter-century-old corporate culture, our value judgments and awareness of responsibility that make us who we are; We are aware of the work we do.

Our current position further increases our responsibility. Carrying out innovative and successful work in every field in which we operate and seeing that their results have positive contributions to our country and the world is the greatest reward for us. While BEŞLER Group is taking determined steps towards its goal of making it a 100-year-old global brand, we promise that we will continue to provide added value to our business partners, employees, industry, society and environment in the coming period on this journey. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our business partners and employees.

Best regards,

Chairman of the Board