Beşler Makarna Un İrmik Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., established wheat flour in 1992 in an area of 24,000 m2 in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone of Gaziantep, the trade center of the Southeastern Region. It started its production. While the daily production capacity was 250 tons at the beginning, the daily production capacity of our company, which constantly renews its technology and increases its capacity, has reached 2,126 tons, thus making it possible not only for Turkiye but also for the same time. At the same time, it has achieved the success of becoming one of the largest flour production facilities in the Middle East and the Balkans. In addition, it has become a sought-after brand by expanding its marketing network through a total of 50 dealers, including main and sub-dealers in the country.

Beşler Un is preferred not only in Turkiye but also in nearly 50 countries including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, TRNC, Togo, Somalia, Ethiopia and many African countries. has become a brand; It also provides significant foreign currency input as the official supplier of international aid organizations such as the United Nations.

Our company works with villagers during harvest periods. It has achieved its vision of being the largest wheat buyer in the region by purchasing large amounts of wheat from farmers and farmers, and has purchased wheat from the warehouses of Soil Products Office in the country and Canada, Russia, Ukraine abroad. It imports approximately 700,000 tons to 1,000,000 tons of wheat annually from EU countries such as Lithuania and Germany.

Beşler Un, which started its production life in 1993 with a wheat crushing capacity of 250 tons, is now the company with the highest capacity production facility in Turkey and the Balkans, with 2 factory buildings consisting of 5 units in a single campus.

Thanks to its daily wheat crushing capacity of 2,100 tons, it is a determining factor in wheat, flour and bran prices in its sector. In production facilities with a fully automated system, controls are carried out by expert engineers from wheat entry to flour packaging, and quality is maintained with laboratory analyzes performed at each controlled stage.







22nd Year


20th Anniversary

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