Beşler Un laboratory was established in 1995, shortly after the establishment of the factory, with the awareness that providing quality products is as important as producing. It proudly carries the distinction of being the laboratory with the most experienced staff in its city and region.

In its large laboratory equipped with the latest technology, it carries out analyzes according to international standards, from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of the product, in order to ensure quality and ensure the standard according to the flour communiqué.

In addition, it continues to be a pioneer in quality studies with the special microbiology unit it has established in its laboratory. R&D studies continue on special purpose flours to improve quality. In this process, samples were taken from the flour produced in order to keep the company's purchasing policy and flour production standards constant; physical, chemical, rheological and microbiological

Physical and Chemical Analysis

  • Hectoliter
  • Ash
  • Moisture
  • Sedimentation
  • Protein
  • Wet Gluten
  • Gluten Index
  • Number of Falls
  • Sieve Analysis
  • Dry Gluten
  • SDmatic
  • Color Determination
  • Pesticide Analysis
  • Qualitative Iron Analysis
  • Perten IM9520 (In 50 seconds: Moisture, Protein, Wet gluten, Sedimentation, Color L, Water removal, Alveo W, Flour particle size, Starch, Fat, Cellulose.)

Rheological Analyzes

  • Farinograph
  • Extensograph
  • Alveograph

Microbiological and Toxicological Analyzes
Analyzes made in flour;

  • Mold-Yeast
  • Coliform
  • Total Aflatoxin
  • Ochratoxin A
  • Zearalenone (Zone)
  • Deoxynivalenol (Don)

Analyzes made in water;

  • Total Coliform
  • E.Coli
  • Enterococcus