Our R&D furnace was established to carry out studies on Research and Development and Product Development. Our R&D furnace works in parallel with the laboratory.

In addition to the daily flour analyzes carried out by the laboratory, bread and variety studies are carried out by the R&D bakery to check the physical and experimental quality of each flour produced in our factory, and its suitability for its intended purpose is checked before the product reaches the customer and the final consumer.

After these checks, the product's packaging suitability is approved. Our customer satisfaction is prioritized and complaints are responded to as soon as possible.

In case of any problem, our engineers and expert staff working in the R&D furnace visit our customers both at home and abroad to conduct on-site observations and studies in order to evaluate the demands from the customers. During these visits, our team not only helps the customer technically and practically, but also observes consumer expectations and habits on-site and provides feedback to our business unit.


Dear young people,

We see you as leaders of the future and want to express our belief in your creative potential. We welcome you to share your technological and innovative product ideas regarding flour and bakery products with us. Your unique perspective and energy can open new horizons in this sector. Unleash your imagination, because your ideas are valuable to us.

By working together, we can identify and implement future trends in flour and bakery products. We look forward to working together with your valuable ideas to step forward and achieve success in this industry. We look forward to being with you and bringing your ideas to life to build the future together. We are here to share your successes and grow together!


Let's Shape the Future Together

** We see you as the leaders of the future and want to express our belief in your creative potential.